Hey, when will the July reader survey be out?

It just came out this week, actually! You can get to it now by clicking here.

And just a tiny FAQ, since we get a lot of Asks on Tumblr about particular titles: 

Q: “Can you please license ___? It’s my favorite manga!” 

A: The Monthly Reader Survey, in the top right of sevenseasentertainment.com (and directly linked above) is the only way we can keep a record of the many license requests we get, so please submit your requests that way. If you just request a series as an Ask or as a comment on social media, it will get lost. 😭

Q: “Do you think you’re going to license ____?”

A: We can’t comment on ANY unlicensed titles, since our licensing plans are confidential. But if we license a series, we promise you’ll hear about it when we announce it on our Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook!

Q: Can I ask for more than one license in the survey, then?

A: Yup! You can request three per month. If you have more than three series to suggest, just submit the NEXT three in the NEXT month’s survey. (You can only take the reader survey ONCE per month.)

Q: Can I request a license in the survey if I’ve already asked for it before?

A: Sure! If you feel that strongly about a particular series, you can request it in the July survey, then in August, then in Sept, then in October… 😄