Hey! When will my order ship?


First off, a big thanks to you for the patience offered as we 
recently moved fulfillment operations to a new facility.  The purpose of this message is to offer both info and encouragement to those who have asked about their shipment status.

When will my order ship?

Shipping Graphic

This week, all non-Udon orders placed between August 3 and through the week will ship on or before Friday August 12.  

Staff in the new facility have already shipped a few hundred orders placed last and this week. Additionally, they are confident that they will be current on Friday, shipping all outstanding orders placed by 1pm August 12. After that, we aim to have orders shipped same day or next day, Monday – Friday.  Weekend orders will ship on Monday, or depending on a much larger queue than normal, may spill into Tuesday.

Why the initial delay? We ran into unexpected technical issues with transferring order information to the new system.  This resulted in manually entering new orders into that system, and working with the new staff to set up how specific products are bundled. Those products that require bundling of multiple pieces are seeing some of these delays. Today is a turning point, and I expect we’ll see at least 3/4 of outstanding orders ship today and tomorrow.  

Shipping information and status for all orders will update once each day during the evening.  

Orders of Udon products specifically have shipped without delay; we transferred those products to the new facility first, and they are integrated well into the new system.

Why haven’t I received a response within 24 hours?

Customer service staff have been working through customer inquiries throughout the week.  That includes myself, Joey Wainwright of 801 Mods and Joseph Howell (@NoGoodCitizen), our newest addition to general and technical support.  

Jenni, our fulfillment manager, often addresses order related inquiries, but has also split her time at the new facility training fulfillment staff.  That is partly why some order-related questions aren’t immediately answered, and calls to the office are referring to voicemail.  I’m working with Jenn to address them, and thank you for your patience.

Can I still edit, combine or cancel my orders once placed?

For many years, customers have grown accustomed to FA’s ability to change, correct, combine or cancel orders by emailing staff.  Increasingly, however, they have also expected shorter processing time, optimally same or next day.

To honor our commitment to this new processing time, we must ask that you give extra consideration to your order contents and shipping information before completing checkout. Once placed, we cannot edit or cancel your order

This policy does not apply to pre-orders. You may contact orders@focusattack.com to cancel a pre-order.

In a few days, I will add a special notice titled “Before your Checkout” on our shopping cart and checkout areas.  This notice will serve as a reminder to check your address and contents of your order, before committing to a purchase.  Additionally it will provide helpful tips to avoid making common made during the ordering process, domestic and international shipping delivery estimates, and other info to ensure accurate processing of your order once received. 

As always, we’re happy to help if you aren’t sure about a product, shipping, returns, and other topics.  Simply click on our “Help?” button on the bottom left of every page (on mobile this is a (?) icon), and start typing.  You may find a quick automated answer to your question based on our FAQ, or you can leave a message with our staff.

FA’s Commitment to You

FA has grown significantly since its debut in 2010, and with that should come professional maturity and ability to meet your needs as much as we can.  To do that, I’m committed to improving what we can control, such as order processing, customer service, and your shopping experience on our website.  Over time, Jenn and I will continue working with things we can’t control, such as encouraging suppliers to provide more consistent inventory for key products you buy.  Overall, this new move was a needed and welcome change, allowing us to now expand our operations significantly, and to serve you better as a player and customer. 

Thanks for bearing with us during the transition week, and I look forward to the next opportunity to serve you.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss