Here we go…Stretch Goals 1 & 2!

I hope you all celebrated the fact that we hit our funding goal!  And now, it’s time to focus on Stretch Goals!  In order to keep all the issues of COMBAT consistent, I am hoping we can at least hit our first two Stretch Goals.  Stretch Goal #1 will add a beautiful card stock cover to the book.  Stretch Goal #2 will allow the book to be ‘perfect bound’, instead of ‘saddle stitched’.  Considering we have 5 days left, I am confident we can hit these two goals!  There are so many great add-ons, and I hope you will consider adding something to your pledge.  If you have any questions about this let me know.  It’s also really important that you go on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, to let people know about this campaign.  Thank you SO much.  Now let’s get to work on these Stretch Goals!


Drew Ford


Here we go...Stretch Goals 1 & 2!