Happy Halloween – Read Impaler #1 for Free!

Happy Halloween – Read Impaler #1 for Free!

Happy Halloween, Top Cow fans – and in the spirit of the season, we’re unleashing the first issue of William Harms’ terrifying vampire miniseries Impaler for you to read – absolutely free!

Critically acclaimed as one of the best vampire comics in the genre, Impaler ditches the sparkly skin or hokey accents in favor of something far more visceral…and horrifying. Just check out the solicitation:

“One of the worst blizzards in history cripples New York City in one fell swoop. But the blinding cold and snow are the least of the city’s worries. For aboard a drifting cargo ship stirs an unfathomable evil that will unleash a horror the likes of which the world has never seen.

And in two nights, New York City will be no more…”

To get your skin crawling and your blood pumping, click on the link below:

Click here to download the Impaler #1 – FREE!

So get on your costume, get in the spirit, and have fun out there! Boo!

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