Happy 45th Anniversary To Pioneering Mech Anime “Mazinger Z!”

As with many Go Nagai works, there are many REALLY weird elements in Mazinger Z. A headless Nazi villain. A vertically divided, half male, half female villain. A female robot that shoots her breasts as missiles. And, again like many Go Nagai works, Mazinger Z was quite seminal. Unlike sentient robot Astro Boy, or remote controlled Tetsuijin 28/Gigantor, here was a robot that the hero got inside and piloted from a cockpit!

A case is made that Mazinger was the first anime to do that, or at least the anime to establish it a cornerstone of the genre.

Following the series Shonen Jump debut months earlier, anime’s Koji Kabuto first got in robot on December 3, 1972. So, happy 45th anniversary to piloted giant robots!



The series made it to the US in ’84 as Tranzor Z

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