Hamster Gets Cozy in Pokémon Cosplay

It’s not uncommon to dress up our pets at this time of year, especially in our favorite anime and game costumes. But Haruka, a two-month-old hamster in Japan, decided that he was going to dress himself up with a little help from his owner’s keyring.



The tiny toy depicts Pikachu cozied up in a Cubone kigurumi… and when the owner removed the Cubone suit, Haruka apparently decided to crawl inside and try it on for himself. It was a perfect fit.


Hamster Gets Cozy in Pokémon Cosplay


Haruka has become something of a Twitter celeb, with owner @_o_mimimi‘s original Tweet getting more than 36,000 retweets and more than 50,000 likes in three days. Many users insist that Haruka is “too cute to be real.”


After his photo shoot, Haruka reportedly relaxed in the kigurumi for a little longer before going back to his cage for a nap.


Source: Livedoor.jp




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