“Gurren Lagann” Announcement Yields Blu-ray Box Release Plans

In honor of the series’ 10th anniversary Gainax mecha spectacular Gurren Lagann is getting rebroadcast starting July 5th on Tokyo MX1 and BS11. The lead into the premiere included a teaser that a significant announcement was going to be made during the first episode. And, what ultimately emerged from the underground village to pierce the heavens was news of… new Blu-ray boxes.


The TV series (27 episodes, Parallel Works 1 & 2 and Kirameki Yoko Box) is selling for 30,240yen and the Childhood’s End and The Lights in the Sky are Stars movies for 8,640yen. Both are due November 22nd.




There were plenty of tributes from the series creators.


From director Hiroyuki Imaishi


Animator Ryouji Masuyama


Animation director Sushio


Designer Shigeto Koyama


Animator Hiroki Mutaguchi


Shuhei Handa


Tie-in manga artist Saki Nonoyama


Manga artist Shirow Miwa


Illustrator Mamoru Yokota


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