Guest of Honor Announcement: Erika Harlacher

Erika Harlacher is a Los Angeles based voice actress in anime, video games, and cartoons. Some of her most notable roles include: Ann Takamaki (PERSONA 5), Violet Evergarden (VIOLET EVERGARDEN), Elizabeth Liones (SEVEN DEADLY SINS), Ruler aka Jeanne d’Arc (FATE/APOCRYPHA), Kyoko Kirigiri and Kaede Akamatsu (DANGANRONPA games), Kurapika (HUNTER X HUNTER), Yumeko Jabami (KAKEGURUI), Emi Igawa (YOUR LIE IN APRIL), Claudia Enfield (THE ASTERISK WAR), Al (LOST SONG), Ayesha Altugle (ATELIER AYESHA), Bubbleisha (SHOPKINS), and many more.