Grimm Forest Review Roundup

THE GRIMM FOREST from Skybound Games and Druid City Games is probably some of the most fun you’ll have playing a board game. We’re not kidding, we play it in the office a lot so we’re basically experts. Then again, in the words of the legendary LeVar Burton, you don’t have to take our word for it! Below we’ve compiled some of the best reviews for THE GRIMM FOREST from across the internet! Give them a read and grab your copy at the Skybound Store today!

Big Boss Battle: The Grimm Forest – Once Upon a Time

“Playing The Grimm Forest is very straightforward, allowing it to sit at the more complex end of gateway games.” “It’s a beautiful-looking game which builds around a familiar theme that I think anyone from about seven years old and upwards can recognise and enjoy.”

Just Push Start: The Grimm Forest Review – The Big Bad Wolf & Friends

Grimm Forest Review Roundup

“There is no getting around the fact that the miniatures are awesome.” “The game below is enjoyable and I look forward to entering the fairy tale world again to play.”

Geek-Craft: With Friends Like These… – A review of Grimm Forest

Grimm Forest Review Roundup

“If you’re looking to introduce friends or family to the hobby, or simply trying to turn the page yourself, this would make an excellent place to start.” “The friends cards do a fantastic job with diversity and inclusion.”

Geek & Sundry: The Grimm Forest is a Delightful Cutthroat Family Game

Grimm Forest Review Roundup

“What elevates The Grimm Forest is the interesting social dynamic that quickly emerges.” “For those who enjoy a light game and are comfortable engaging in social theatrics, there’s a large amount of excellence crammed into this release.”

Board Crazy: The Grimm Forest Review

Grimm Forest Review Roundup

“Using simple tokens or something similar would have been a perfectly reasonable choice, but the people at Druid City Games really went the extra mile, and the game is better for it.” “Now that I’ve played The Grimm Forest, I can say with some certainty that it deserves the optimism and praise it’s received from gamers.”

Geek Dad: Reaping the Rewards: Take a Trip Through The Grimm Forest

Grimm Forest Review Roundup

“The way the character powers make sense for the theme, and all of the artwork is really fantastic.” “The key mechanic is the gathering—figuring out where other players are headed, and using that knowledge to your own advantage.”

See what we mean! Make sure to amp up your game night and grab The Grimm Forest at the Skybound Store today!

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