Grab Your Friends for Fifth Anniversary of “Adventure Time” in Japan

Turner Japan, the company in charge of the Japanese branch of Cartoon Network, has announced that they are planning a variety of festivities for the fifth anniversary of Japan’s first airing of Adventure Time.

Pendleton Ward’s series, which is one of the biggest American animated series currently airing, picked up a huge Japanese fan following back in May 2012 when it began running on Cartoon Network Japan with its dub cast. Five years later, fans are getting a big birthday party for the show in three parts.


First, LINE LIVE will be hosting a live program on May 11 with guests Romi Park (the dub voice of Finn) and Tetesuharu Ohta (the dub voice of Lumpy Space Princess). The program will feature an interview, some impromptu voice acting, and a live Q&A Corner with viewers.



Several shops, including Shibuya Marui and Shinjuku Marui Annex, will also be offering more than 40 new special-edition goods celebrating the anniversary. Early shoppers will also get a chance at exclusive merchandise. Items go on shelves starting May 20.




And also on May 20, from 5-10 PM, Cartoon Network will be showing a five-hour marathon of Adventure Time episodes collectively titled Adventure Time Go-Go-Go-Go-GO! (making use of the Japanese word go for the number 5). The marathon will be made up of episodes from the later part of the series that deal with Finn and Jake’s early years and the history of the Land of Ooo.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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