Gotta Catch ‘Em All — “Fate/Grand Order” AR Event Lets You Catch Servants in the Wild

Pokémon GO fever is spreading — even to other games. For a limited time, users of the Fate/Grand Order app will be able to visit four different host cities around Japan to summon, snap, and win various servants.




Using their cameras, players can snap and “catch” different cards. There are 20 different Servants available in all four cities, with three exclusive Servants per city. Players who get all three will also receive that city’s special “reward Servant.”


The event dates are as follows:


Fukuoka: 17-23 December

Osaka: 25-31 December

Aichi: 21-27 January

Hokkaido: 4-10 February


The first day of each run corresponds with “FGO Winter Festival 2016-2017: da Vinci-chan Code,” the game’s touring winter celebration.



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