Godzilla: The Planet Eater Special PV Shows Godzilla and Ghidorah’s Final Confrontation

Six days after the theatrical release of the third and final chapter Hoshi wo Kuu Mono/The Planet Eater in Japan, the official website for Polygon Pictures’ three-part anime feature film project inspired by Toho’s long-running Godzilla franchise posted a 100-second special PV introducing its highlights including the final confrontation between Godzilla Earth and its ultimate nemesis, King Ghidorah. 


Following the first chapter Kaiju Wakusei/Planet of the Monsters in November 2017 and the second chapter Kessen Kidou Zoushoku Toshi/City on the Edge of Battle in May 2018, the third chapter was released in 158 theaters across Japan on November 9. The 90-minute film made a sixth place debut, making 100 million yen from its first three-day run, which was equal to that of the second chapter.





Poster visual with a tagline “The ‘gold’ burns up even ‘despaire’.”



Source: “Godzilla: The Planet Eater” official website / Twitter


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