Godzilla and Eva Face Off in Symphonic Event

Have you ever wanted to see Godzilla take on an Eva? Well, you still may not get the chance — but you’ll get to hear the amazing soundtrack that would go with it!



Studio Khara, owned by Hideaki Anno, is putting two of his projects together for an evening of orchestral awesomeness. The concert will take place at Bunkamura Orchard Hall March 22 and 23.


Part of the set list has already been revealed:


From Shin Godzilla:

“Persecution of the Masses”

Ifukube medley

“Who Will Know”


From Evangelion:

“Angel of Doom”

“The Final Decision We All Must Take”

“The Wrath of God in All Its Fury”


Singer Yoko Takahashi and Kaoru Wada will be on hand, as well as Megumi Hayashibara (the voice of Rei Ayanami in Evangelion) and Shin Godzilla actor Satoru Matsuo.


Limited-edition tie-in goods are already being revealed, including pamphlets, tapestries, handkerchiefs, mugs, and more:


Tickets range from 7,500-14,000 yen for afternoon and evening performances. More information is available on the Studio Khara website.


Source: @khara_inc




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