“God Eater” Helps You Make Your Idol Dreams Come True with Upcoming “Idolmaster” Collaboration

Finally, your dreams of hunting and devouring monsters while looking absolutely freaking adorable are about to come true. Next month, Bandai Namco will be launching an update to God Eater 2: Rage Burst and God Eater: Resurrection that integrates content from The Idolmaster.


The collaboration pack will include costume options, dance moves, and BGM, and will be available for both games on PC, PS4, and PSVita. In addition,you’ll be able to select office clerk Kotori Otonashi as an operator.



The update is completely free, incidentally. Just imagine how you’re cute you’re going to look while you’re kicking monster butt.


The Idolmaster X God Eater Collaboration Pack goes live on December 1, and will be available for PC, PS4, and PSVita.


Source: Silicon Era




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