Go Undercover with Hayley Atwell on the Set of Marvel’s Agent Carter

Star Hayley Atwell gives you all the inside intel on “Marvel’s Agent Carter” and living Peggy Carter’s double life in this new behind-the-scenes clip! Watch the clip above and tune in to the series premiere on Tuesday, January 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

It’s 1946 and the war against the Red Skull is over as Peggy heads back to work carrying out covert missions for the S.S.R. Peggy has to deal with her male coworkers doubting her abilities while also dealing with the loss of Steve Rogers. When her friend Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) comes to Peggy for help, Peggy puts her spy skills to the test! Check out the clip to see Atwell talk about what we can expect from Peggy in the new series.

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