Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Spec Op – Eclipse Phase

Avengers Alliance: Spec Op - Eclipse Phase

As if Asgardian cults and mystic hammers don’t cause enough terror, there’s even more to fear in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” as Halloween once again draws near.

For the third year running, “Avengers Alliance” celebrates the spookiest time of the year with a new Spec Op, this time featuring Marvel’s vampiric heroes and villains, plus plenty of new content for players to sink their teeth into. Producer Justin Woods gave us the bloodcurdling details!

Marvel.com: Let’s talk Halloween Spec Ops, Justin. This is not the first one you’ve done. These have become kind of a tradition.

Justin Woods: Certainly with the first year, back in 2012, that’s when we debuted Ghost Rider fighting against the demons of the Underworld in a nice story with Baron Mordo and Mephisto and Blackheart. We’ve introduced a lot of cool, supernatural characters over the years.

Marvel.com: So what is the theme for this year’s Halloween story?

Justin Woods: Vampires!

Marvel.com: Nice.

Justin Woods: I don’t know how else to elaborate other than that. Vampires are finally coming to “MAA.” People have been asking about them forever and now they’re on their way!

Marvel.com: So who, do I even need to ask who the big bad is here?

Justin Woods: Impossible Man [Laughs]. No, I’m just kidding. It’s Dracula.

Marvel.com: Of course.

Justin Woods: Modern looking Dracula. He’s got the red armor with the white hair and the white ponytail, a big sword—he’s awesome. He’s got a ton of different moves. We spent a lot of time on him to make him really, really cool. And I think that people are gonna really enjoy fighting against him. He’s gonna be really unique. I think we spent a lot of time and made the High Evolutionary really cool and really unique, and this guy puts him to shame.

Marvel.com: Oh wow. That’s big. So how does the structure work out? Is Dracula a group boss? Is he just the big boss? Give me some more details.

Justin Woods: So we’re going back to something that people really liked; if you remember back in Spec Op 16, that was the one with Apocalypse. And we had this Strike Team feature. And we’re going back to the Strike Team feature, where people can split up their teams and set them on different paths. The demons and the vampires are working together, so it’s Mephisto and Dracula working together to take over the mortal world. Meanwhile, you’ve got Blade running interference and you’ve got Morbius involved. And one thing that makes this Spec Op more unique is that there are two reward heroes. And I don’t mean a lock box; there’s not a lock box. There are two reward heroes that you can get from going through the quest chain. So you can actually earn both Blade—which people were suspecting—but surprise, you can also get Morbius! We’re trying to balance it so that people have an opportunity to go ahead and get both. They don’t have to pick one or the other.

Marvel.com: Are getting new henchmen characters as well?

Justin Woods: We refer to them as grunts internally, so in Spec Op 21, you saw the dinosaur grunts, and you’re now going to be able to see vampire grunts in Spec Op 22. And they’re going to be actually kind of familiar, because they’re made up of prisoners, Maggia, and other characters in the game that were turned into vampires. So they’re roped right directly back into the lore of “MAA,” specifically; here [are] all these types of dudes that you’re used to fighting, and now there’s vampire versions of them, and they look really cool.

Marvel.com: With Morbius and Blade out there, can we see the other mystic heroes like Ghost Rider, Hellstorm, Satana, Doctor Strange and Doctor Voodoo?

Justin Woods: Most all those guys will be definitely involved.

Marvel.com: And is there a lockbox in?

Justin Woods: Just two reward heroes—man, you’re getting greedy, Ben! You want two reward heroes and a lockbox?

Marvel.com: I’m just asking the hard questions for the fans. Not for me, for the fans.

Justin Woods: Maybe someday.

Marvel.com: [Laughs] Anything else you want to talk about for this Spec Op?

Justin Woods: I hope everybody goes out and enjoys it, because this one was really fun to make. And I think a nice little note is it was something that we had conceived back as our first Halloween Spec Op and we ended up doing Ghost Rider instead, because we wanted to be sure that we could put vampires in here, put Dracula in here, and at that point in time we didn’t have things like group bosses and strike teams, and all these other pieces that are going to make this such a unique experience. I’m glad we held off on it to really give Blade a chance to have a very special experience in the game.

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