Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Spec Op 31

The world knows her name thanks to “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” on Netflix, and now one of the toughest heroes around hits the streets in “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” with a brand new Spec Op!

Jessica Jones brings four new villains, a fresh Lockbox hero, and more in her wake as part of Spec Op 31. SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN fans in particular will love this one. We got all the latest info from “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” Associate Producer Tony Sherrill!

Marvel.com: What’s the story behind this new Jessica Jones-centric Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: Boomerang picks a fight with the Shocker, sending a message from the Owl. This sparks a gang war in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Kingpin hears the message clearly, and decides to take matters into his own hands. Now it’s up to Jessica Jones to face Kingpin and get the streets back under control.

Marvel.com: What class of hero is Jessica and what unique attributes does she bring to the game?

Tony Sherrill: She’s a street level fighter, a Bruiser. She’s got a Short Fuse—chance to gain Combat Awareness when attacked—and throws fists like a truck. Her Bar Room Brawl ability applies Combo Setup, Wide-Open, and Targeted on the enemy, while applying a Grit status to her. Grit increases Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion and can stacks up to five times. Jessica is very resourceful and has an attack that demonstrates her ability to improvise called “I’m Resourceful.” This is a multi-function attack where the player can choose one of three objects: a bus stop sign, fire hydrant or a parking meter, which do all sorts of useful debuffs to the enemy. She also has an AOE Stun attack, where she throws a S.W.A.T. van at the entire enemy team.

Marvel.com: What villains will be posing the threat here? Seems we’ve got a bit of a SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN vibe going…

Tony Sherrill: In this Spec Op players will get to fight the Shocker, Janice Lincoln as the Beetle, and Kingpin as a Group Boss. Purple Man and the Owl also show their ugly faces. Shocker has some great classic moves, like a two hand blast called Shocking! And an area attack called Shocker Smash, where he charges up his gauntlets, aims them at the ground and blasts himself into the air and off the screen. He then comes back down with both hands above his head, and as he hits the ground he activates both gauntlets causing a huge earthquake. But my favorite move of his is when he comes driving in on his Shocker-Mobile, which is based off the SUPERIOR FOES comics, he extends an arm forward and blasts the enemies with an air blast explosion, then continues to drive through the opposing team.

Beetle packs a lot of fire power and will blast away at good guys with her Incinerator Ray, Bertha her Rocket Launcher or an Automatic Pistol. Beetle has a Battle Preparation Passive that gives her a chance to follow up on ally attacks or even her own counter-attacks. This goes great with the fact that she’s a dual-class Tactician and Infiltrator, so she can gain the advantages of both classes. She also has a Durable Armor passive that gives her a chance to significantly reduce the damage received from an attack.

Since Kingpin is a Group Boss he does a variety of things. He functions a little differently, depending on which class he is. He often comes with minions, from the Maggia, Hand, and Hellfire Grunts to Street Thugs. Kingpin buffs his minions with Rising Up at the start of combat. He slaps, he punches, and beats you with his cane. Kingpin, as the surprisingly flexible martial arts master that he is, also has an area attack, where he will punch, cane strike, karate chop, and kick your entire team in a fury of attacks.

Marvel.com: Any Lockbox characters available?

Tony Sherrill: Yes, Boomerang! Fred Myers has 10 different attacks, which involve a wide variety of boomerangs. His boomerangs apply an even wider variety of debuff statues. He is a Master Marksman whose attacks almost never miss and because boomerangs do not travel in a straight line, all his boomerang attacks are stealthy, which also means they avoid Protect and Counter Attacks. Eight of his 10 attacks have a status called “What Goes Around.” This new status gives him a chance to hit the target an additional time. When Boomerang‘s health is low he deals increasing damage as his health lowers, plus he has an increased chance to trigger What Goes Around.

Marvel.com: What other heroes get in on the action?

Tony Sherrill: Lots of heroes come to Jessica’s aid. Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Punisher join the fight, in addition to Misty Knight with her Satan Claw 2.0. Chase Stein with Old Lace, and Elsa Bloodstone make an appearance as well. Even Boomerang gets involved. It’s an all-out street brawl.

Marvel.com: What kind of gear is up for grabs?

Tony Sherrill: The Maggia plague the streets and seem to be dropping their weapons everywhere. Some of their weapons you can get are the Maggia Tommy Gun, Targeting Device, and Fist weapons. The Tommy Gun applies Bleeding, Burning, and Iso-8 Corruption to all enemies, which is pretty nasty. The Maggia Targeting Device is a Subtle Quick Action that applies Pinpoint and Distraction. Then there’s the Maggia Captain’s Fist, which is a pair of brass knuckles with spikes that does High Crits with a chance to do a follow-up attack, applies Combo Setup and Bleeding, plus gives the Agent a chance to defy death itself with a status called Juiced Up. Juiced Up makes attacks that would reduce health to 0 have a chance to reduce health to 1% instead. You can also win a Mailbox from Mission 2. The Mailbox, which looks like a mailbox that has been ripped out from the ground, applies the Internal Bleeding, Dazed, and Stun statuses.

Marvel.com: How does this side story tie in with the larger tale?

Tony Sherrill: This Spec Op story ties in ever so slightly with our ongoing Season 2 story. Jessica is appointed to lead a response team in order to get the streets of Hell’s Kitchen back under control, however, there’s one person that S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn’t recruit: Luke Cage. Luke Cage became a Worthy when he was enticed by a hammer and is now running around spreading fear and chaos as Nul, Breaker of Worlds. There’s also a mention of Nefaria in this Spec Op. Count Nefaria will actually be a boss in Season 2 Chapter 10.

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