Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Chapter 7

Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Chapter 7

There’s been a lot going on in the world of “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” over the past few months, from an evolving PvP to Spec Ops spanning space villains to the Savage Land, but underneath it all, the ongoing threat of the Worthy has remained.

With Chapter Seven now launched we spoke with Producer Justin Woods about which hero has been transformed, who else will be affected, how far ahead the Alliance team plots, and much more, including the addition of his all-time favorite Marvel villain to the game!

Marvel.com: Chapter Seven is part of a larger arc you guys have been building to. How far ahead do you work when it comes to these specific chapters?

Justin Woods: When we started Season Two, we had a general idea that we wanted to do the story of the Worthy with The Serpent, and we mapped out how those things would be revealed across the 12 chapters, because we knew we wanted to do 12 chapters. And then from there, we started to do individual summaries for what the story would be in each of those chapters. And then what the mission stories would be for each of the missions in the chapter. So we had little, tiny excerpts of the story for the entire season, and then from there we go in and we build the scripts. We’re two scripts ahead of what’s actually launched, so we’ve got the next couple Chapter scripts going, but at the same time, we know what the story is in Chapter 11 and 12 already, and we know primarily which heroes and villains are involved with those two chapters as well. And I’d love to tell you, but I can’t.

Marvel.com: [Laughs] Alright, well that said, what are the last things you guys work on before you release a Chapter? What are the last details you need to firm up before it goes live?

Justin Woods: You know, the gear is one of the last things that starts to come online, as well as when we play with the new hero costumes or we’re playing with the new villains, as we try and balance those out. So balance and gear, I think, tend to be the last couple things that get hammered down as the last couple phases of getting a Chapter done. And Spec Ops are largely the same way.

Marvel.com: Checking in post Chapter Six, where are we coming into this Chapter? And in a more general sense, where does this Chapter take us?

Justin Woods: She-Hulk was just revealed as the first Worthy in Chapter Six, and now we know that The Serpent is behind what was going on with Sin and [the Circle of 8]. All of this is tied together in some way. And now that She-Hulk is one of the Worthy, she’s no longer a playable character in Season Two, and that’s going to be a trend going forward. Now with Chapter Seven, we find out Luke Cage found one of the hammers, and he’s now been transformed into Nul, Breaker of Worlds; and from this point forward, Luke Cage will be a Lieutenant of the Worthy, and no longer able to be used in Season Two Chapter content. We know who the rest of the Worthy roster is as well, and we know who’s out there picking up the rest of the hammers, and who’s gonna be taken into the fold, so to speak, for The Serpent. So we’re really excited to reveal the rest of the roster, but we’re going to do that slowly, one at a time, so we can keep people guessing. But we’ll be dropping some hints throughout the story as well.

Marvel.com: Now, in past calls we’ve had, you’ve mentioned that Luke Cage is one of those characters that you guys have been meaning for a long time to make some improvements to, and that’s something the fans have wanted as well. What has making him one of the Worthy enabled you to do?

Justin Woods: Well we actually set out to improve him with the previous Chapter. In Chapter Six he actually got an improvement preemptively so we could focus on what we would do with his Worthy costume on top of that improvement, so he already is a little bit better than he used to be—or significantly better in some minds. And then in this Chapter, we are working on fixing and reworking Black Knight. So Black Knight is going to be a lot better when Chapter Seven launches. Does that mean he’s gonna be Worthy? I don’t know.

Marvel.com: [Laughs] I think you do know, you just can’t say.

Justin Woods: I can’t say. But, maybe. Maybe we just wanted to give Black Knight some love; because I think he’s such a great character.

Marvel.com: It’s true. He is a great character. Are we gonna get some more hints as far as the larger plot? I know The Serpent briefly popped up in Chapter Six, dialogue-wise. Will we see him or Odin or any of the Asgardians again?

Justin Woods: Yeah, you’re gonna see them become more and more involved as the story starts to evolve and pan out. What ultimately happens in the end of Chapter 12 is probably gonna be pretty surprising. I doubt a lot of people will see coming, what we’re building towards. I am extremely excited about it. If I could, I would just tell you guys outright right now. But it is the most ultimate spoiler of anything that has ever existed in our game, that once you’ve seen it and once you’ve been involved in it by playing through all the Season Two Chapters, I think it’ll be great pay-off.

Marvel.com: Finishing up then, we’ve got Luke Cage. We’ve got some new gear. What new villains will be popping up in Chapter Seven?

Justin Woods: We’ve got Mysterio, who is my favorite all-time villain, actually. Fans know I love Venom so much, but deep down inside, Mysterio owns my heart. And he will be there front and center. I say this to the fans a lot, we try and put the villains out there that make the most sense for the story at the time or what we’re trying to do in the game, so I had to wait a long time for that. So if any fans out there are wondering, “Why isn’t this guy in the game” or “Why isn’t that guy in the game,” well, I’ve been asking that for Mysterio for two years, so it just takes some patience. But as long as the game keeps going, we’ll get everybody in there. And Absorbing Man, Crusher Creel, pretty exciting. He just had a great appearance on the “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” TV show. He’s in the front of people’s minds, and for those that care, I just got an Eaglemoss statue of him yesterday.

Marvel.com: Any last details you want to put out there before we call it quits?

Justin Woods: I’m looking forward to Chapter 8 already, but Spec Op 22 is coming soon as well! Keep your eye out for details on that one. We’re gonna keep pumping out content and keep supporting this game!

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