“Girls und Panzer” Serves up Special Menus with Coco’s Family Restaurant Chain

With the release of the Girls und Panzer Heartful Tank Disc coming next month, family restaurant chain Coco’s is throwing in with the popular show to offer diners merchandise, special menu deals, prizes, and special desserts for the next month. It’s all part of the Coco’s*Way, Here It Comes! campaign, bringing favorite characters to the chain.



Every week for six weeks, a different meal set will be featured — and a clear file featuring campaign art will come with the meal set. Below are the first three; the second three will be premiered when the campaign goes into its second half.



There will also be a contest to win a stuffed Boko teddy bear and a poster featuring the main campaign art. Entries will be open on the campaign’s official page from January 19 to March 1.


The menus will also feature regular items as recommended by the girls of the series, plus a special dessert only for the campaign: a “Panzer Cake.”



The special dessert consists of a sponge cake base, banana slice treads, a brownie and chocolate ice cream cockput, and a chuel (like a chocolate Pirouette) for a gun barrel.


More art, goods, and menu items will be rolled out midway through the campaign.


The Coco’s*Way, Here It Comes! Campaign runs from January 19 to March 19 at participating Coco’s restaurants. Visit the official campaign website for more information.


Source: MoCa-News




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