“Girls und Panzer” Film Ranks 2nd with 128 Million Yen in First Weekend

The highly anticipated all-new feature film Girls und Panzer der Film was finally released in Japan on November 21. In spite of its limited release with 77 screens, it earned an impressive 128,438,980 yen on 84,752 admissions, ranking 2nd in its first weekend (ticket sales number basis), only behind Raintree no Kuni starring Kis-My-Ft2 member Yuta Tamamori. Raintree no Kuni is based on Hiro Arikawa’s love story novel of the same name published in 2006. It was originally a fictional novel appeared in the author’s hit series Library Wars.


The per-theater average of the Girls und Panzer film (1,668,000 yen) was more than twice of that (652,339 yen) of Raintree no Kuni which released on 190 screens and earned 123,944,520 yen from 91,726 ticket sales. The first week’s audience receive one of four-type colored papers illustrated by the original character designer Fumikane Shimada.  



Colored papers for the first week audience



“Girls und Panzer der Film” trailer 



Theme song “piece of youth” short MV by Chocho



Main visual



Source: Eiga.com


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