“Girls und Panzer das Finale” 1st Episode Crosses 500 Million Yen Mark in Six Weeks

The official blog for the Girls und Panzer anime franchise reported on Saturday that the first episode of its six-part OVA series Girls und Panzer das Finale had earned an impressive 516,181,000 yen on 425,236 admissions from its theatrical run by January 18 in six weeks from its release. The anime’s official Twitter also reported the news as below.  



The 42-minute epiose was released in select 59 theaters across Japan on December 9 and ranked a very

good 4th in the box office with 145,981,740 yen from the 118,798 ticket sales in its opening weekend.

The official blog thanked the fans for their support, because the price for the episode’s screening in theaters

is 1,200 yen, which is 600 yen cheaper than a regular adult ticket price for a film in Japan. 28 more theaters

are being added from today, including several ones with 7.1ch sound system.



The first episode’s DVD/Blu-ray is set to be released on March 23. Its 7,800-yen special edirion Blu-ray

also contains 106-minute bonus footage (more than twice longer than the anime epsiode itself), including

the well-received live-action “SEN-SHA” music video and its behind-the-secnes clip.


CM for the DVD/Blu-ray







Source: “Girls und Panzer” official blog, Twitter


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