Giant Monsters Attack in the New Trailer for “Ultraman Orb The Origin Saga”

Can’t get enough prequels in your life lately? No worries. Ultraman Orb The Origin Series has got you covered in the form a new 12-episode series – set to debut on Amazon Prime Video in Japan – that serves as the backstory for the ongoing Ultraman Orb series (which you can watch now on Crunchyroll). Watch the new trailer below, full of rubber monsters and wild tokusatsu action!



Plans are in the works to make the series available worldwide with English and German subs, so look for more news on Ultraman Orb The Origin Series soon-ish.



Here’s the plot according to the official press release:


On the far off planet of O-50, two young men, Gai and Juggler, find a dazzling light that has searched for someone possessing excellent qualities to become a warrior of light. Chosen by the light, Gai wields the holy sword, the Orb Caliber, and becomes Ultraman Orb. Using this newfound strength, Gai and Juggler work to defend the universe from the threat of the Galactic Bezelb, controlled by the mysterious Dr. Saiki. Facing this threat, the young warrior of light now asks himself what the true meaning of peace is as his first mission begins.

Source: Tokusatsu Network




Giant Monsters Attack in the New Trailer for

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