‘Ghost Light’ Earns ‘Best In Show’ At Wizard World Film Festival In Sacramento



Below are the winning entries at the Wizard World Film Festival at Sacramento Comic Con, held last Friday and Saturday at the Sacramento Convention Center. The films were screened at the adjacent Hyatt Regency hotel.

Best in Show – “Ghost Light,” Directed by PJ Germain: When their Jeep breaks down on the ruins of Old Route 66, Harvey Reynolds is forced to chase his delinquent son to a diner set up in the middle of no where. As the night turns for the worst, Harvey and Brandon are set against an unstoppable force hell bent on taking them with it.

Best Super Short – “Stolen Homework,” Directed by Amy Lawrence: Separating fantasy from reality can be difficult when you’re six years old. When Charlie is asked why he has failed to turn in his homework, his excuse takes ‘My dog ate my homework’ to another level.

Best Student Short – “Transmissions,” Directed by Brian Trotter: Eric Bradbury was a former electronic engineer who used to work for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Now unemployed, Eric spends his time in his garage building gadgets that he hopes one day will make him rich. His wife Jennifer, however, wishes he would find a job and not spend all their money on foolish pursuits. One day Eric manages to build a radio that he hopes would be able to communicate with astronauts in space. But one night while testing his radio, he makes contact with an alien race. He tells his wife about the discovery, but she doesn’t believe him. That night the aliens do come, and Eric and Jennifer and trapped in their own house as the aliens attempt to get inside…

Spirit of Comic Con – “Red Cloud: Deliverance,” Directed by Sioux Cloud: Jake Red Cloud, a Native American gun for hire with a mysterious past, needs a place to lay low. With a flashy bankroll, he persuades attractive Jeanine Parker to rent him a room. Jake quickly learns that Parker is nothing but a chain smoking, promiscuous drunk that neglects and ignores her daughter Ann. Desperate for attention, Ann befriends Red Cloud and soon the two develop a spiritual bond of friendship, which leads Jake to the revelation that something in his life is missing. Before he can act his past threatens to extinguish his life and the lives of those around him.

The Wizard World Film Festival continues at Louisville Comic Con, March 28-29.