Get Your Game On at FanimeCon 2018!

Welcome back to FanimeCon, friends! This year, our theme is gaming, and in case you couldn’t tell, we’ve gone all out. From consoles to card decks, from PC to roleplay, from MMOs to mobile games, it’s gonna be all fun and games! Check your dice and prepare for these exciting new events:

Use your very own stand to get out of JOJO’S BIZARRE ESCAPE: THE HOTEL before it’s too late! With only an hour to live, will you be the hero who saves your team, or a victim of DIO’s evil scheme?

Afterward, get physical on the Battlefield! Put your combat skills to the test with the All-Night Boffer War, or bring your own lightsaber to the Lightsaber Combat Collegium and learn about this new combat form. And for the first time ever, FanimeCon will have a live fire demo of traditional archery!

More brains than brawn? No problem! Use your wits, and some lucky rolls, to survive the adventures awaiting you in the new tabletop campaign rooms. Play arcade games for free throughout the weekend, thanks to Game Saru. Compete in the newly expanded tournaments–Fortnite, Hearthstone, DDR, Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, League of Legends, and many more!

Your favorite features from past years are still here, too. The Black & White Ball, MusicFest, the FanimeCon Game Show, Speed Dating, Cosplay Gatherings, and all the rest are waiting for you at FanimeCon 2018!

To make sure you have a winning time at FanimeCon, max your stats with this handy strategy guide:

  • Use food and water items to replenish your HP.
  • The shower ability and deodorant items are great for keeping your charisma stat up.
  • Equip yourself with comfortable shoes to improve your stamina.
  • Increase your wisdom by reading the program and pocket guide to discover schedules, locations, the Code of Conduct, and more.
  • Expand your storage capacity with a visit to Fan Storage, located in the Hilton Market Room.
  • Have a question? Visit one of FanimeCon’s Info Desks to find out more.

Enjoy the newly upgraded FanimeCon 2018!