Get Comfy! The Rin Shima Nendoroid Is Here!

This charming camper is ready to get cozy in your home! Rin Shima from Laid-Back Camp gets her very own nendoroid!


There’s actually two different versions that you can order, but you’ll probably want the DX version. The DX version comes with three face plates ranging from her usual stoic look, to a very displeased expression! Her bun is detachable just in case you want to put her cute hat on, along with her detachable scarf just in case it’s a bit warm. She also comes with tons and tons of camping equipment parts!

Pair her up with the other campers and recreate your favorite moments from the show, but be warned, there’s A LOT of different accessories that are included such as: 


  • Camp Stove,

  • Soup-style pasta she made in the stove

  • Her cellphone

  • Tiny Chair

  • Book

  • Campfire

  • Tent

  • Pinecone

  • Metal box grill

  • Paper Bike

  • Pot

Man there’s more! She also comes with phrase plates that say stuff like “Hello!” and “Hot!” which attach to the pine cone.

Imagine how many different scenarios you could put her in with all of these props!

This figure is now available for preorder in the Crunchyroll Store for $70.99 and will be released May 31st, 2019. Pre-order it HERE!


I am just as excited my friend! I really am.