Gear up for the DanMachi Movie in DanMemo!

Crunchyroll Games is so excited for the new Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? movie, Arrow of the Orion, that we’re announcing a new film prequel event EXCLUSIVE to DanMachi: Memoria Freese!

Here’s an overview of some of the updates and new in-game content that are part of the Prequel Moon Prelude event:

Starting today, there is a new login bonus!

During the Login period, you can recieve 4x 2 Star Tickets, 200 Iris, 8 Hero Falna, and 4x 3 Star Tickets.

There’s also a new special bundle!


New Tale Ticket:

Clear the Prequel Moon Prelude event on VH for the first time and receive a 3★ Gtd. 11 draw ticket!


Artemis Stats


Non-Time Limited

Balance Unit

MLB Stats

HP: 2516

MP: 209

Str: 1135

End: 353

Dex: 735

Agi: 545

Mag: 981

Special Art

[Foes] Ultra Light P.Attack w/ Ultra Penetration Rate

Combat Skills

Skill 1: [Foes] High Light P.Attack w/ Temp Str. Boost & Ultra Penetration Rate

Skill 2: [Foes] Fast Low Light P.Attack & Remove Mag Buffs Exc. Assist Skills

Skill 3: [Allies] 35% Str. & 20% Counter Rate /4 Turns

Skill/Development Ability

+15% AGI

Commemorative Login Gifts

Dates: 1/9 to 2/14

– Artemis’ Weapon is Here! Receive 200 materials for her exclusive weapon over this period.

– New CP item for Artemis! Receive 135 moonlight flower bundles over this period.

Enjoy the Prequel Moon Prelude event and get ready for even more exciting updates coming soon!