“Futari wa PreCure Splash Star” Novel to be Published in 2017

Answering to a fan’s question about the series’ 10th anniversary plan, the official Twitter of Kodansha’s Character Bunko imprint confirmed yesterday that a novel adaptation of the 3rd PreCure TV series Futari wa PreCure Splash Star is now in the works and scheduled to be published in 2017. In addition, the previously announced two novel adaptations of the 8th series Suite PreCure♪ (2011-2012) and the 9th Smile PreCure! (2012-2013) will be available later this year.



The imprint has published three PreCure novels so far, based on the 1st series Futari wa PreCure (2004-

2005), 6th Fresh PreCure! (2009-2010) and 7th HeartCatch PreCure! (2010-2011). It has not been confirmed

that the Splash Star novel will be a retelling of the TV anime story like Futari wa PreCure and HeartCatch

or a sequel to it like Fresh


Futari wa PreCure Splash Star was originally aired for 49 episodes in Japan from February 2006 to January

2007. Though achieving moderate commercial success compared to its predecessor, it has been considered

as one of the most critically acclaimed series in the 12 years history of the PreCure franchise.



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Source: Kodansha’s Character Bunko official Twitter


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