Funatic of the Week: Chloe Rachel!

Funatic of the Week: Chloe Rachel!
Chloe Rachel

Vancouver, Canada

What Funko lines do you collect? How many pieces are in your collection?

Right now, I only collect Pop! Vinyl figures. I’m not quite at the number some of these cool collectors have, but at last count I’ve got 34 (and counting!).

Funatic of the Week: Chloe Rachel!
How long have you been a collector?

I received my first Pop! in 2012, but started collecting more seriously in ’14.

What are your favorite fandoms?

The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Harry Potter, DC TV (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow).

Funatic of the Week: Chloe Rachel!
What was your first Funko item?

Bilbo Baggins, right before An Unexpected Journey was released! It was a holiday present from a classmate, I’ll treasure it forever.

What is your favorite Funko piece in your collection?

I love all of my Pop! figures dearly, but it has to be a tie between The Flash (actor Grant Gustin signed it on-set one day, it was the neatest thing) and Morgan Rielly. One of the best parts about living in Vancouver, is that a lot of television shows and movies film in the city, including a few with Pop!s.

Funatic of the Week: Chloe Rachel!
Tell us your favorite Funko story!

I’ve been a hockey fan since before I started collecting Pop!s, and have been wishing for an NHL line, since… forever! When I found out they were coming at the end of August, I was stoked and immediately pre-ordered a few. The release dates kept on being pushed back, and I was worried I wouldn’t get them in-time (one in particular, Morgan Rielly). The Toronto Maple Leafs were coming to town in a couple of weeks, and I really, really, wanted to get the Pop! signed by one of my favourite hockey players.

My local store had 2/3 ready for pick-up mid-month, but their Morgan shipment was absent! Luckily a nearby store had one, so I tracked it down and purchased it that day. I got it signed a week later in-person, and it’s definitely my new favourite Pop! One of the best (but stressful at the beginning) fan experiences ever. Nothing better than combining Pop!s and hockey… it’s been a long time coming! Hope there are more NHL lines in the future!

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 Funatic of the Week: Chloe Rachel!

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