“Full Metal Panic! IV” Readies For Action With METAL BUILD Arbalest Figure

In time for this year’s 15th anniversary of its first TV anime, Shoji Gatoh’s Full Metal Panic! was slated to come back for a fourth anime series, Invisible Victory, in fall 2017. That then got moved to spring 2018, and a new director’s-cut edit trilogy of movies from the earlier anime got added to the plans. Bandai’s Tamashii has now boarded the project with a METALBUILD figure of the IV version of the Abalest mech.


The anime’s mech designer Kanetake Ebikawa supervised the figure, which aims to recreate details like the Λ Driver (featuring a new texture on the parts), ECS: Electromagnetic Camouflage System – with an array of 16 sensors, and all the guns, ammo, knives and other accessories you could hope for- including Sousuke Sagara in his winter uniform. Made out for ABC and PVC with die-cast pieces, the 18cm figure is planned for March 2018 release at 22,680yen.


Check it out at http://tamashii.jp/special/metalbuild/arbalest/





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