Fuji-Q Highland Announces First Escapees from “Hopeless Fortress 2”


After some two years of operation and nearly 540,000 contestants, Fuji-Q Highland – an amusement park in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan – has announced that a team of two players has finally managed to complete the Zetsubo Yosai 2 (“Hopeless Fortress 2”) real escape game attraction. The attraction currently boasts a “capture rate” of 99.9999%.



The winning team (pictured above) is composed of Natsuki Ozawa and Shun Isoda. Ozawa and Isoda met while challenging the Hopeless Fortress 2 attraction, and they decided to collaborate in order to conquer the game’s many challenges. As a proof of completion, the team displays the key that is required to clear the final stage of Hopeless Fortress 2, which they were allowed to keep as a reward. Only 30 such keys were made, and now only 29 remain.



Hopeless Fortress 2 is a “real escape game” where teams of up to 5 players must infiltrate a secure facility, acquire a heavily guarded “black box”, and then escape without being spotted, all within a set time limit. Obstacles include security cameras, check points, laser beam detectors, and autonomous guard robots that patrol the facilities. A ticket to challenge Hopeless Fortress 2 costs 800 yen ($7.33 US) per attempt.



Even after teaming up, Ozawa and Isoda needed many attempts to conquer Hopeless Fortress 2. Ozawa reportedly challenged Hopeless Fortress 2 every week for a total of 2000 attempts before successfully completing the “real escape game” challenge. Commenting on their victory, the two stated that they were overjoyed to be the first team to clear Hopeless Fortress 2 and when they realized that they had won, they were so excited that their hands wouldn’t stop trembling.



The original Hopeless Fortress attraction ran for 3 years before being renewed and refurbished as Hopeless Fortress 2 in July of 2015. Of the 1.2 million contestants who challenged the original version of the attraction, only 2 teams of 2 people managed to beat the game. 



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