FromSoftware Teases “New Project” with Tense Teaser


FromSoftware, the team behind Bloodborne and Dark Souls, is leaving gamers guessing with their latest teaser. The 30-second clip shows only a taut, bloody rope wrapped around metal machinery attached to a bone, followed by the words “Shadows Die Twice.”



The description says only that it’s “a tiny glimpse into our new project,” leaving viewers and gaming fans to their wild mass-guessing as to what this could signal. So far, fans’ top guesses are Bloodborne 2, a reboot of the Shadow Tower games, a new Tenchu game, a Dark Souls fishing sim, and (the one we’re feeling best about) Bloodborne Kart.

There is, of course, the possibility that we’re looking at the beginning of a brand new IP. Either way, we’ll hopefully find out soon.






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