Frank J. Barbiere and Fred Van Lente – A Dynamite Interview from Bleeding Cool We’ve seen our share of peer-to-peer interviews but today we have a real fun one. Out in shops today we have Magnus Robot Fighter #3 by Fred Van Lente and Solar: Man Of The Atom #2 by Frank Barbiere. Here we get to see them interview each other. Fred Van Lente: Frank, it seems like we live in a much more gendered society than when I grew up, and your opening scene tackles this — I remember playing with my Star Wars and Universal Monster action figures with my sister (Boba Fett and Creature from the Black Lagoon had boss team-ups), but I guess now gender roles are much more rigidly enforced? Or am I just old? What do you think? (If you think I’m old you don’t have to say anything.) Frank J. Barbiere: I think there’s been a growing awareness about gender in comics for a while, but it’s really become a focus in the last few years—as well in all media! I’m really tired of the term “strong female protagonist,” as while that seems like a good idea, it throws female characters into a box where they are expected to be a certain way. I think it’s really important to write people like humans, with motivations and desires, and use gender as texture, not a guideline as to how one should act concretely. FVL: I know you told me you got some on-line flak about making Solar EEUUUYYY GROOOSSSS a woman of the female persuasion. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve seen so far? C’mon, you can tell me. Let’s roll around in some Internet muck. FJB: …Read More Here