First Visual from “Tenshi no 3P” Anime Leaked

It was announced back in October that Sagu Aoyama and Tinkle’s light novel Tenshi no 3P! would be making the jump to anime in 2017. Now, here is your first look at character designer Takayuki Noguchi’s take on Tinkle’s character art.



Original Art:

First Visual from

Noguchi also supplied character designs for Girls Beyond the Wasteland, Ro-Kyu-Bu!, and the TV adaptation of the parody anime project Papillon Rose.

The self-styled “loli-pop comedy” Tenshi no 3P! follows Kyō, a reclusive high school student who secretly composes songs using vocal synthesis software. Three grade-school girls — Jun-tan, Zomi, and Kū — contact him with a desire to help him achieve success. The light novel series also received a manga adaptation.

Shinsuke Yanagi is attached to direct, with Go Zappa (NakaImo) on scripts and Lantis producing the music.


Source: Yaraon!




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