First Six “Mega Man” Games Head to iOS and Android in Japan

Considering Capcom’s, um, uneven treatment of the Mega Man franchise, it’s always interesting to see what, if anything, is being cooked up for it. According to Famitsu, the next step is the release of all six Famicom Rockman games on iOS and Android in Japan, with each game to be sold individually starting on January 6, 2017. 


Touch screens aren’t usually conducive to controlling precision platformers like the Mega Man series, so these ports will offer some beginner-friendly options. These include adjustable game speed, as well as auto fire and auto charge, which should help players focus on all the other tricky maneuvers they’ll need to pull off with the on-screen buttons.



All six games will also be able to sync with the free Rockman Unity app, and completing specific objectives will unlock monthly rewards such as wallpapers. 


For the time being, these ports are Japan-only.


Via Rockman Corner



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