First French And Second American Overseas Friends Join “KanColle”

Sister Sara has arrived in time for Thanksgiving Dinner! On November 18th, the original KanColle browser game launched its fall event, Proclamation! Fleet Strategy Plan #3! Four KanMusou have joined the combined fleet for this with two new Japanese destroyer girls as drops and the second American ship, standard carrier Saratoga along with first French ship, Seaplane Tender Commandant Teste as rewards. 




Seaplane Tender Commandant Teste


Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer Yamakaze


Destroyer Asakaze


New Equipment – F4F-3 Wildcat


New Abyssals


Seaplane Tender Water Princess

Abyssal Jellyfish Princess

Italian Zara Class Heavy Cruiser Pola got CG for the collaboration with the Mitsukoshi luxury department store


Earlier this month, new upgrade Kinu Kai Ni was introduced


via KanColle wikiotakomu and HibariStalker


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