First 17-Minute of Toei Animation’s 60th Anniversary Film “Pop In Q” Now Streamed

Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel today posted the first 17-minute of its 60th anniversary film Pop In Q, including an opening credit roll featuring the five main girls’ CG dance with “Teenage Blues” sung by P.IDL (Performance Idol League). The 95-minute film was released at 223 theaters in Japan last Friday, on December 23, but didn’t make it to the weekend box office Top 10. It was originally planned to be released in January 2017, but moved up to the Christmas season with more theaters due to overwhelming expectations from the distributor Toei.



“Pop In Q”‘s first 17 minutes






OP song “Teenage Blues” MV performed by P.IDL (Performance Idol League) 



Poster visual


Source: “Pop In Q” official website


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