Fight Dry Eyes with “Dragon Quest” Slime Eye Drops

The ubiquitous smiling slimes of the Dragon Quest game series are cute, but have you ever wanted to drip one directly onto your eyeball? Thanks to a new collaboration involving Rohto Pharmaceutical, you might just get the chance to do so.



Beginning on May 27, 2017, Rohto Pharmaceutical will be selling limited edition, Dragon Quest-themed versions of their Rohto Z!, Rohto Z! Contact, and Rohto Z! Pro eye drops. The special edition goods not only include slime artwork on the packaging, but the eye drops also come in an applicator bottle shaped like a slime.



Althlough the Slime eye drops will be sold over-the-counter in 12 millileter bottles at Japanese drug stores and pharmacies, no suggested retail price is currently listed.



It’s a good thing this collaboration doesn’t employ the metal slime variety, or else you’d never be able to apply the drops properly: they’d keep fleeing before you had the chance to squeeze them.



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