FEATURE: Fanart Friday – CR Favorites Edition

Fanart Friday returns, and it’s much easier to write a column when you technically get a bunch of your coworkers to write it for you. I should do this more often! Last week, we wrapped up our MONTH OF MONSTERS with our annual Halloween bash, but this week we’re turning to Crunchyroll’s staff to find out what they love!




In addition, we got a couple great submissions from our readers, but this week’s focus is all about CR’s crew, the people I work with on a day-to-day basis to bring you your anime, manga, and drama. Now, let’s get started!


DISCLAIMER: None of the art presented is the property of myself or Crunchyroll. All characters and series are tm and © their respective creators and corporate owners. All art is the creative property of their respective artists. Any artists who wish to have their work removed from this article may contact Nate, and appropriate action will be immediately taken. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN AND ARE NOT THE OPINIONS OF CRUNCHYROLL, INC., ELLATION, OR ANY EMPLOYEES THEREOF.



by Rikua

You know how shows only get better after the nth episode? Well, I fell in love within a few minutes of Poyopoyo. Granted each episode is ~5 minutes (including the opening theme), it’s such a refreshing and easy show to watch. I’ve watched the entire series at least thrice! I really wish Poyo was real :'(


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by 35

I have a deep love of “henshin,” leading all the way back to the 1975 tokusatsu classic Himitsu Sentai Goranger, and magical girl anime has always made me feel right at home because of that, but one of the staples of transforming heroes is how much is taken for granted about where their powers come from and why. Madoka takes the magical girl genre and turns it on its head; exploring what it means to sacrifice yourself for a greater good, and what, exactly, that greater good is. I’d love to say more but if you haven’t watched it, you absolutely should, and I would hate to spoil anything more about it for you!



FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by mink

I grew up watching all the standard DBZs and Gundams, you know just bro things. Now that I think about it them shows are hella bro-y. Spoiler warning: Anyways Nana, tugged at my heart strings man, real talk I’ve only cried because of TV twice in my life.  The first time was when I found out Pimp C died, the second time being when Nobu was right outside her door on the fireworks episode. Both times, thug tears.



FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by Licheus

Aside from Air being very visually appealing (in my book) and filled with an abundance of ridiculously cute things, it’s the kind of anime that takes a deep dive into character development allowing you to really connect with each person and their relation to one another. It’s gracefully slow where you can sit back and enjoy..until the ending rips out your heart leaving an empty, dark pit and makes you cry an entire river. 


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by c7肘

Millenium Actress–Satoshi Kon’s drama about a reclusive actress and her amazing film career (inspired by the real-life Setsuko Hara)–is a beautiful, surreal celebration of a life well lived. Chiyoko’s single-minded search for a man she met as a teenager transforms from a schoolgirl crush into an all-consuming reason to live, and inspires her performances across a broad range of film genres and time periods. Millenium Actress blurs Japanese national history, film history, and one woman’s story into a dreamlike examination of the complex intermingling of art and life.


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by Armcho

Like Hayao Miyazaki, I’ve always had a passion for historic aviation and flight, and they’re featured in Kiki’s Delivery Service. Kiki is a young witch who must make her way in the world, so given her ability to fly on her broom, she starts a package delivery service! Befriending a young boy who is himself passionate about aviation, she must discover who she is as an individual as well as what it means to grow up.


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by K子

I got into anime the same reason I got into sci-fi. It asked a lot of questions you can’t bring to ask yourself in person. Holding up a mirror and asking you to judge what you see.


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by 魚ウサ王@冬コミ水曜A-68b

I’ve been enamored by the Monogatari series since the first episode of Bakemonogatari. There’s a lot to love–its exaggerated facial expressions, amusing dialogue, excellent character development and storytelling that cares more about artistic liberty than literal depiction, I’ve been enthralled through every season. I can understand why it wouldn’t be for everyone, but it’s a series that will always stand out in my mind.


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by 後輩

In My Hero Academia, author Horikoshi’s intriguing examination of the economic, social and political ramifications of industrialized heroism deeply questions our beliefs surrounding justice and the motivations behind altruistic pursuits…or at least I think that’s his end game for this series. Until then, I’m enjoying Horikoshi’s blending of American comics style with Japanese shonen tendencies in a way to make this series feel fresh and fun even if it’s not innovating or twisting the genre. The fights are fantastic, the calvary of character get actual character development (shocking, I know!), the art is gorgeous, and the lead character is so ambitious yet grounded that you can’t help but to root for by the end of the first chapter (seriously, it’s the best first chapter I’ve seen with a series).


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by folks

I love Battle Angel Alita‘s storyline in a futuristic dystopian setting, the heartbreak and happy moments that really humanize the characters, and I especially love the art style. It’s dark, it’s grungy/industrial, and it’s got robots, ridiculous fight scenes, and explosions. It speaks to the class struggle between the rich and the poor, the blurred lines between good and evil, and the main character is badass female lead character. The supporting characters all have their own tragic stories along with unique relationships with the main character that really make this manga memorable.


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by 便器の妖精@便☆意☆王

You’re not getting lugiamania’s thoughts this time–it’s Nate–as she asked me to “do my worst” in her place. The problem is that I don’t really have a “worst” in this case, as I like Yu-Gi-Oh! and actually got into it by reading the backs of the DVDs when I was working at Hollywood Video back in like ’02. Guys, you have no idea how happy I am that we’re getting classics like this on CR. Keep watching ’em and it gives us the ability to get more!


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by Soap-Committee

I started playing Final Fantasy with the first one back on the NES–it was my first non-D&D RPG. I’ve loved the vast majority of games released in the series over the years thanks to the story, gameplay, music, etc. Fantastic from start to finish on a regular basis.  IV is my personal favorite, VI is a masterpiece, VII brought in a whole new generation, and Tactics was a great series extension (that I was really bad at).


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by nayu

Nate here–when I asked for Tiffa’s commentary, she literally sent me a paragraph explaining what One Piece is about. I love her like a dopey bilingual and technologically-talented (but still dopey) little sister, so this is gonna be the commentary paragraph for this awesome piece of One Piece art. One Piece, the show nobody knows anything about.



FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by カトリ

Nate here again–speaking of little sisters, I’m just gonna leave this here as the commentary:

FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

right. With that, let’s move on to our READER SUBMISSIONS for the week!


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by jaharold1216

This fan’s got the right idea–let’s celebrate that Beelzebub is back in the Crunchyroll library! Now I can actually watch more than the first few episodes!


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by eSergei

My friend Nelson still has my copy of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and I need to get it back from him! Such a great game, and I’d love to have another!


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by BlackAdam009

I never get tired of the Squirtle/Kamina crossovers. Just a pair of badasses hanging out, doing badass things.


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by Schrodingers-Kat

Y’know, it was right there in front of me and I never saw it–Ushio and Tora is basically Calvin and Hobbes with demons and a giant spear!


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by pennydox

Breaking her obscure recommendation streak, pennydox instead brings us this awesome World Trigger piece! I love how World Trigger treats being a superhero (of sorts) as a no-frills job.


FEATURE: Fanart Friday - CR Favorites Edition

by ultmte

Here’s a way to end this week–y’know that ultmte is up to 95 submissions now? Ninety freaking five, man. Keep it up, dude, thank you for becoming such a fixture in this column!


And that’s everything for this week! Since everybody else got to say their piece, what about you? What’s your favorite anime, manga, game, movie, or… etc.? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


For those of you wanting to submit your art here, behold–the FIVE FIATS OF FANART FRIDAY!


1. Your work is always welcome here, regardless of your skill level or experience. To submit work to Fanart Friday, please PM me (username Anonymooo) with a link to your work.

2. The link must be the full URL, don’t use any URL shorteners like bit.ly or goo.gl. An example of a full URL is:http://anonymooo.deviantart.com/art/Mooo-vs-Redblood-Phill-Cover-22690857

3. Your work must be hosted on a site like Deviantart or Pixiv (or your own official art website), not on ImgurPhotobucket,Crunchyroll Photosor anything along those lines. This provides a verifiable source for the work.

4. I, and by extension Crunchyroll, reserve the right to remove or not share your work if it is deemed inappropriate. Any submissions that don’t follow these rules will not be permitted in Fanart Friday.

5. Be excellent to each other. Don’t steal anyone else’s work or make fun of artists’ submissions.

Now, here are the next three themes for Fanart Friday!


-Next week, on NOVEMBER 13th, I’m gonna make all these guys draw what they were talking about with the CR FANART EDITION! Design’s gonna be okay, but I’m looking forward to some stick figures, to be honest. SORRY, NO REQUESTS FOR THIS WEEK EITHER, BUT ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME!

-Then, on NOVEMBER 20th, we’re celebrating my birthday a day late with MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION LIST!

-On NOVEMBER 27th, we’ll wrap up the month with a Fanart Friday tradition: VILLAINS! From garden-variety jerks to full-on evildoers, the bad guys take over for a week!


Thanks again for coming by to check out Fanart Friday! Have a great weekend, and I hope you drop by again next week!


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