Farpoint Toys’ Grand Opening!

The Justice League. Voltron. The Fellowship of the Ring. Farpoint Toys. What do these things have in common? They are all epic team-ups.

We’ve been doing this toy-dealing, pop-culture collecting thing for awhile now, and we like to think we have some insight into what the nerd community needs! We have an awesome new vision, so we’re teaming up with a kindred spirit to make that vision a reality. Let the rumors and speculation end … yes, it’s true: the good folks from It’s A Toy Store are tossing their hat in the ring with us, and Farpoint Toys is taking what we do to the next level! Add to that Comic Trips, and The Avengers truly have assembled!

YES – we are opening a NEW, AMAZING LOCATION, BURSTING AT THE SEAMS with all the rare vintage toys you expect from us, but also featuring more GAMES, COMICS – even VINYL – than we’ve ever carried before! Redefining the same-old, same-old retail experience, we’re also introducing a COFFEE BAR and GAMING AREAS! That’s right – come for the collectibles, but stay for the camaraderie!

AND! As if that WEREN’T ENOUGH! We’re also becoming the Intergalactic Headquarters of Comic Trips! They’ll be calling us home and filming unboxings, reviews and more right from the shop! You may even see some of their hauls available for sale!

We are incredibly excited to be growing and bringing South Jersey the nerd-experience it deserves! A store like ours should be about the experience. We don’t want to just shoo you away and move on to the next customer – we want you to be part of our community.

Please join us on July 8th as we celebrate the grand opening of our NEW AMAZING LOCATION! We’re planning SPECIAL GUESTS, A COSTUME CONTEST, and MORE!

Keep your eyes here for news and updates as we get closer to the 8th! Saturday is a huge day for the South Jersey “nerd culture” the beautiful people at Farpoint Toys & Collectibles will be officially opening their doors to all you pop culture fanatics. This is a grand opening not to be missed. See you there!