Fandom-Forward Brewery Busts out “Tiger and Bunny” Sake


Anime fans with a taste for sake may already know the name Shiraito — the brewery specializing in anime-themed blends and collectibles to go with them. In the past they’ve put out brews for everything from Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel to Kuroko’s Basket. Their latest pairing, just in time for AnimeJapan 2018, celebrates the incoming second series of Tiger & Bunny.

The “Tiger” sake is advertised as having a refreshing, dry, and “masculine” flavor.


The “Bunny” blend is a mature plum and honey wine with a dry sake aftertaste.


A specially designed twin box (seen above) will be sold at AnimeJapan 2018 from March 24-25. After that, starting in April, individual “Tiger” and “Bunny” bottles will be sold via the brewery, each in their own collectible boxes.


>> Shiraito Brewery Tiger & Bunny Product Page

Source: Anime! Anime!




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