Fan Reactions to the Anime Awards Nominees

The 2018 Anime Awards are upon us, and things are getting heated! Yesterday, we released a slew of details on the Awards, including all of the categories and nominees and instructions for voting, and the fan reaction has been pretty huge! Anime fans from all corners of the internet have weighed in with their opinions, predictions, and soon-to-be voting choices. Let’s take a look at what some of them had to say!

Everyone seemed to have something to say once the nominees were announced. Plenty of people were excited to see shows and characters close to their hearts present on the list. The announcement saw lots of fans listing out their picks for each category and making cases for their choices! One Twitter user was particularly happy to see their favorite Yuki Yuna character up for Hero of the Year:


Another user made the case for their favorite nominee for Comedy of the Year:


Other folks expressed disappointment that their favorites didn’t make the selection. In response to the announcement on Facebook, someone argued for why The Ancient Magus’ Bride deserved to be on the list of shows up for Best Animation:



While a Twitter user had this to say regarding the selections for Best Opening:


Still others weighed in with some hard-hitting truths:


Twitter and Facebook didn’t steal the spotlight completely—anime fans have also been voicing their opinions on YouTube in videos ranging from live reactions to the nominees to analysis and prediction pieces!



Haven’t checked out the nominees yet? The Anime Awards homepage has everything you need to know to prepare for voting and jump into the conversation!

Cayla Coats is an Editorial Programming Coordinator at Crunchyroll and VRV. You can follow her on Twitter here!