Fairy Tale Girls Return for “Maerchen Maedchen” Audio Dramas


The Maerchen Maedchen anime may be wrapping up soon, but the light novel series is still going strong. And fans of the anime can hear more new adventures with Hazuki and her classmates thanks to three new audio dramas.



The three audios, which will be available via a serial code packaged with Maerchen Maedchen Volume 4, feature the cast of the anime series returning in their respective roles. Available with the new volume are:


Episode 1: “One Day at Magic Academy”: Hazuki guides listeners through a typical day at Kuzunoha Girls’ Magic Academy. Follow the students as they learn tongue-twisting magic spells and pick dangerous plants for potions.


Episode 2: “Explosive Situation”: Hazuki is a fly on the wall during a meeting of the leaders of the various magic academies. How will they get along with each other in a group?


Episode 3: “Love Potion”: Hazuki is asked to return a volatile magic text, simply called Love Potion, to the library. But things seem to go completely wrong during her mission.


The downloads also include a talk show segment among the cast members.


Maerchen Maedchen Volume 4 comes out April 25.


>> Maerchen Maedchen Volume 4 on Amazon.jp

>> Watch Maerchen Maedchen on Crunchyroll

Source: Ota-suke




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