Explore Cyclops’ Intergalactic Daddy Issues

Explore Cyclops' Intergalactic Daddy Issues

Like most super heroes, Cyclops has a complicated relationship with his father. Unlike Spider-Man, Captain America, or Iron Man’s dads, however, Cyclops’ father Corsair still has a heartbeat! Sure, his life as a space pirate and leader of the Starjammers gives the term “long distance relationship” a whole new definition, but Christopher Summers has tried his hardest to be there for his long lost son since discovering him alive and well.

The two will take part in some truly unlikely father/son bonding in CYCLOPS by Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman. In the upcoming ongoing series, the time-displaced teenage Cyclops will head for the stars alongside his dad, which will give Corsair another chance to bond with his oldest son before he reaches adulthood. Before this intergalactic roadtrip kicks off this May, here’s a refresher on Scott Summers’ complicated relationship with his father.

A series of back-up stories beginning in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #38 revealed part of Cyclops’ history for the first time. The strips revealed that Cyclops had fled to the X-Men from an orphanage, thus leaving readers curious about what happened to his parents. Corsair, the man who would be revealed as Scott’s father, debuted in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #104.

Christopher Summers first appeared alongside his compatriots in the Starjammers as they helped the X-Men thwart the mad Shi’ar emperor D’Ken’s desires to harness the powers of the M’Kraan Crystal.

During the ensuing battles, Corsair’s mind inadvertently opened up to the telepathic Jean Grey – who at the time had been possessed by the cosmically powered Phoenix entity. Startled by this revelation, Jean wanted to tell Cyclops the truth – but Corsair swore Cyclops’ lover to secrecy.

While fighting off the demon D’Spayre, Cyclops found himself reliving the final moments he shared with his parents. The family had gone on a flight in Major Christopher Summers’ remodeled airplane, only to have the plane catch fire midflight. Scott’s mother put the only undamaged parachute on his back and his younger brother Alex in his arms before and shoved him out of the plane to safety. As far as Cyclops knew, his parents perished in a fiery plane crash.

A flashback from Corsair’s point of view revealed the truth behind what really happened to the Summers family plane. The family had actually run afoul of a Shi’ar spacecraft, and the alien visitors shot down the plane in order to keep their presence on Earth a secret. After their children were pushed to safety, the spacecraft abducted both Christopher and his wife, Katharine Ann, and turned them over to Emperor D’Ken. Cyclops learned of his relation to Corsair in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #154 after discovering a locket containing pictures of himself, his brother, and mother around the space pirate’s neck

Corsair got to spend some quality time with his other son, Alex, during one of the X-Men’s more recent space adventures. Tragically, the vengeful Vulcan cut the bonding session short by killing Christopher in battle. Corsair would remain dead for years, with Alex taking over his role as the leader of the Starjammers. But Corsair has a new lease on life, as he reappeared alive and well in ALL-NEW X-MEN #23 – just in time to meet his time-traveling teenage son!

Follow the further adventures of Scott and Christopher Summers in CYCLOPS #1, coming this May!