“Evangelion” Hits Up “Puzzle & Dragons” for an Enhanced Crossover

GungHo Online Entertainment recently kicked off an enhanced Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration in Puzzle & Dragons. The Evangelion crossover is now live once again in the English version, running from November 16 to November 29 and pitting players against nine mysterious Angels in an Evangelion-themed dungeon.


The crossover brings with it a Rare Egg machine featuring characters like Shinji, Rei, and Asuka, as well as exclusive new additions like Ultimate Evolutions for past monsters. Here’s what’s available:


New Ultimate Evolutions

  • Shinji & EVA Unit-01 (First Awoken Form)
  • Rei & EVA Unit-00 (Core Fusion)
  • Misato & AAA Wunder (Main Battery Gunfire)



  • EVA Unit-01 TAMADRA
  • EVA Unit-02 TAMADRA
  • EVA Unit-13 TAMADRA
  • Misato TAMADRA



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