Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Venom

Where there’s a Spider so soon follows Venom!

One of the Webhead’s most classic villains shows his sizeable teeth and tongue on Battlerealm, towing heaps of trouble in his wake. Kabam Game Designers Dominic O’Grady and Justin Ostensen along with Art Director Gabriel Frizzera dropped by to talk about the Spidey-obsessed symbiote in “Marvel Contest of Champions.”

Marvel.com: Why has Venom been recruited into the Contest? And that’s Eddie Brock under all that symbiote sludge right?

Gabriel Frizzera: Yeah, that’s Eddie, but Venom wasn’t exactly recruited. He kind of appeared in the Battlerealm. It’s a symbiote infestation, not unlike space cockroaches in the Collector’s house. And he’s not happy about it—it’s time to call the exterminators.

Marvel.com: What was the thinking behind putting Eddie Brock front and center instead of Mac Gargan or the symbiote’s most recent host, Flash Thompson?

Dominic O’Grady: Eddie Brock is the classic, most well-known version and we’d be remiss if we didn’t include him! It’s easy to appreciate and love that first design of Venom so it was a natural fit for the game. As for Flash, well, you’ve seen him on the posters! We haven’t forgotten him!

Gabriel Frizzera: The original Venom is a timeless classic, the first in a lineage of visually bad-ass characters. He has to be the first! Of course, players know we have Agent Venom already modeled and we have plans to bring all the different Venoms to battle in the Contest so wait and see!

Marvel.com: When playing as Venom, what was the feel the team was going for? Are we a bruiser with a ton of damage or a tank with a bunch of health?

Dominic O’Grady: Venom is versatile character. While he packs a lot of raw power, his abilities make him great at building a kind of creeping terror in his enemies. His Genetic Memory slowly builds his power over a fight. The longer a battle rages on, the greater his strength becomes but his ability to duplicate enemy buffs onto himself via special attacks adds another layer to this, rewarding aggression as well. No matter how Venom plays, he benefits! That’s a frightening opponent, indeed.

Marvel.com: How effective is his bleed ability coupled with Bloodlust? That seems like it would be fairly strong.

Justin Ostensen: Extremely effective. As long as the opponent is bleeding, the symbiote tells its host to push forward and go for more. This behavior is mimicked in the player’s actions. While the opponent is bleeding, it will be up to the player to play as aggressively as possible to take advantage of the large boost to Critical Hits and overall damage output.

Marvel.com: How do you guys feel Venom matches up against the rest of the cast? Does he have a hard time taking on any particular combatants?

Justin Ostensen: Like many Cosmic Champions, Venom is reliant on his beneficial effects gained from his Genetic Memory to protect him and help him deal out as much hurt as possible. As such, he performs poorly against Mystics that can strip away these effects rapidly or all at once. However, against any foe that can`t pull these effects off, Venom easily overcomes and can tear them apart.

Marvel.com: When can we play him for ourselves?

Justin Ostensen: Venom’s infection has already spread into the Contest and the symbiote itself won’t be far behind. Keep an eye on in-game messages and social media outlets for more information.

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