Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Mordo

Mordo brings his formidable magical powers to bear in “Marvel Contest of Champions” ready and willing to serve up mystical justice to those who threaten his dimension. Creatures from the outer dark? No problem. Supernatural zealots? Easy peasy.

To get a better feel for Mordo’s eldritch abilities we talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera, Champion Designer Piero Herrera, and Quest Designer Dominic O’Grady about the mystic arts master and what players can expect from him in-game.

Marvel.com: Out of all the characters in the “Doctor Strange” film, in theaters now, what was so compelling to The Collector that he just needed Mordo for the Contest?

Gabriel Frizzera: The Collector is always on the look for new mystics for the Contest, and Mordo is on the same level with the best of them. He’s very resourceful and disciplined, and can give one of the best Champions in the Contest, Doctor Strange, a run for his money! In fact he has the potential to be one of the best Champions in the Contest, period.

Marvel.com: Mordo’s looking fresh! From what I can see he’s wearing his bohemian mystic wanderer duds from the movie. Did the team keep it cinema-perfect or is there a little Kabam flair in there?

Gabriel Frizzera: For this character we wanted to be as loyal to the movie as we could. Of course we always tweak things here and there to adapt him to the game style, but he’s mostly the movie version. One of the main goals for us was to give him a very distinct set of moves, a sort of “martial artist meets sorcerer” style, complete with his “Staff of the Living Tribunal”, and all sorts of magic flair, including a brand-new magic shield for his blocks.

Marvel.com: As the Ancient One’s pupil Mordo had access to a wealth of mystical knowledge. What sort of things did the team focus on while figuring out how they wanted him to play?

Gabriel Frizzera: We wanted him to have an arsenal of magic tricks that are well-known staples of the Doctor Strange mystic universe, but that we didn’t have a chance to try with Doctor Strange himself. Stuff like astral bodies, mystic shields, and dimensional manipulation. His level three special is highly inspired by the movie: Mordo transports you to the Mirror Realm, where he can shape the world around you.

Marvel.com: And let’s talk about his in-game abilities. Mystical Barrier sounds like he’ll be leaning towards a more defensive style?

Dominic O’Grady: Mordo will, no doubt, be a defensive powerhouse. Particularly we imagine him shining in Alliance Wars where his stun manipulation will make him a challenging opponent to control.

Piero Herrera: Indeed! While he is getting Power over time, he gets even more defensive when controlled by the CPU. This also does open up opportunities to use a heavy attack against him, so if you encounter him in Alliance Wars, make sure to take advantage of the Heavy Attack when he is against the wall. Otherwise, Mordo will be able to get enough Power to do a Special 3, which will bring him and his opponent into the Mirror Dimension.

Marvel.com: And you’ve gotta give us more info on his other abilities: Degeneration, Mirror Dimension, and Soul Barb. Those sound awesome!

Piero Herrera: Mordo’s abilities provide lots of utility. Mirror Dimension on Special 3 gives you very powerful Fury effects, and based on how low your health is, you have a chance to trigger a regeneration ability instead. Soul Barb on Special 2 does damage over time based on how many buffs your opponent has. But one of his most awesome abilities is his Astral Evade; if Mordo is stunned, his astral form protects him from incoming attacks by breaking out of the stun and counter attacking.

Marvel.com: And when do we get to wield all of these incredible mystical powers for ourselves?

Piero Herrera: Mordo has been showing off his Mystical Powers in the Sorcerer’s Conclave and will join the Contest at 10 AM PST today!

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