Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Deadpool

Deadpool in Marvel Contest of Champions

Deadpool enters the “Marvel Contest of Champions” fray with guns, swords, and sarcasm blazing!

Kabam’s Character Artist Ricardo de la Puente, Creative Director Cuz Parry, and Animator Sean Gillen give us the skinny on the Merc with a Mouth and everything players can expect from our favorite katana-wielding killer!

Marvel.com: Wade Wilson looks particularly pool-y in his “Contest of Champions” outfit! What were some of the things you focused on here to make Deadpool pop?

Ricardo de la Puente: The shading and texturing played a big part while creating this character. We focused on achieving a nice and subtle effect when the lightning was cast on him. The big badass katanas that he carries around on his back for every fight, helped define his silhouette even further!

Cuz Parry: No comment. When I first read this I thought you wrote “poop.” My bad.

Marvel.com: I see you guys leaned on the conservative side with the number of pouches on our favorite mercenary’s model. Care to comment?

Cuz Parry: Too many pouches might make the Contest unfair. The Collector, who is running this bad boy, wants to keep a level playfield.

Ricardo de la Puente: He is going to fight a lot in the game, so it’s better for him to carry less weight and strike fast. But also, have the right amount of pouches just in case he screws things up when using his big mouth—as usual.

Marvel.com: Looks like he’s wielding his trusty dual katanas and a pistol in this awesome artwork, ready to slice and shoot his foes no doubt. However, Wade’s also a master of less conventional armaments. Can we expect to see him stabbing away with sporks? Nunchucking with a rubber chicken?

Ricardo de la Puente: Oh man! It would be sick to see him fight with a rubber chicken! I believe that if fans like that, we might be able to squeeze it into his ordnance.

Cuz Parry: I’m not sure about any sporks making an appearance, but he does pack a mean smart-phone!

Marvel.com: Deadpool has a habit of breaking the fourth wall wherever he shows up; will he be running his mouth in “Contest of Champions”?

Ricardo de la Puente: We love how he does that! In the game, he behaves like the Deadpool we all know from the comics.

Cuz Parry: I’m pretty sure I saw our writer Sam Humphries insert the odd fourth wall break here and there on the quests.

Marvel.com: Finally, what was your guys’ favorite part about designing such a marvelously wacky character like Deadpool?

Ricardo de la Puente: The head and upper body were my favorite parts on model, but I have to say that the attitude and mood of Deadpool comes alive in the animation part, which I really enjoy watching!

Cuz Parry: I’m going to kick this one over to Deadpool’s animator Sean Gillen for this one…Sean?

Sean Gillen: Deadpool was a lot of fun to animate. The guy is basically a sociopathic murderer with a twisted sense of humor so we tried to let that aspect of his personality shine through. He has some animations that are unique to him that really showcase the fact that he’s an insufferable, cocky, and yet strangely charming, a-hole—which is the Deadpool we all know and love.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Deadpool-y goodness as we dig deeper into “Marvel Contest of Champions” in the coming weeks.