Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Civil Warrior

Wondering what Kabam and “Marvel Contest of Champions” have in store for Captain America’s 75th birthday celebration? We talked to Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Game Designer Justin Ostensen about their plans and the special playable character they’ve been working on.

Marvel.com: Who in the world is this Civil Warrior chap? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before…

Gabriel Frizzera: That’s because he’s our brand-new, exclusive character! We designed him as a surprise character to appear in the final chapter of our “Cosmic Civil War” event, and also as our homage to Captain America’s 75th Anniversary!

Marvel.com: When it comes to creating original characters, especially for such an awesome event like Cap’s 75th birthday, what does the team try to focus on? What were you guys excited about for the Civil Warrior?

Gabriel Frizzera: We wanted to create a character that was the embodiment of the Civil War event that split the Marvel Universe. We started questioning what would happen if there was a reality where the war among heroes became so bad, it engulfed the planet? What if Cap and Iron Man had a final battle where Tony Stark perished [at] Cap’s hands? That would transform Steve Rogers into a different man, consumed by guilt and grief, and ultimately drive him to stop a conflict like that from ever happening again.  

Marvel.com: What went into his visual design? How did the team try to meld the Cap and Iron Man aesthetics?

Gabriel Frizzera: We wanted him to be mostly Captain America. So the base of his design is Cap’s uniform, instead of an even mix between Cap and Iron Man. After the war ended, Steve Rogers collected parts of prototype armor from Tony’s destroyed lab, and added bits and pieces to his own costume, both as battle enhancements and as [an] homage to his fallen friend. Finally, he discovered a special prototype shield Tony was working on before their conflict started: a vibranium shield with an embedded ARC Cannon, capable of shooting powerful repulsor blasts. The perfect combination of attack and defense, and the symbol of union between the two factions.

Marvel.com: Can you tell us a little about his kit? It looks fairly defensive and dang annoying to play against with that heal block!

Justin Ostensen: Civil Warrior definitely fits into the defensive ability kit. His Arc Shield allows him to Armor Up while he’s blocking, and his special attacks allow him to Power Drain his opponents. These combine to allow him to greatly reduce incoming damage as well as deny his opponents their much needed special attacks. Lastly, his Heal Block effect is triggered by performing Heavy Attacks, allowing savvy players to bypass powerful regeneration effects.

Marvel.com: What are the kinds of champions we want to team him up with?

Justin Ostensen: Civil Warrior is a version of Captain America underneath his Arc Reactor-infused suit. Bringing along his allies Winter Soldier and Falcon will increase his already formidable Armor, while teaming up with his opponents, Iron Man and Hulkbuster, will allow him to raise his Critical Damage and offensive capabilities.

Marvel.com: Do you guys have any other cool things happening in the “Contest of Champions” universe?

Gabriel Frizzera: We have many events planned for this year—the Battlerealm will be busier than ever! A lot of it we want to keep under wraps, but I can reveal a few juicy tidbits. After the Civil War ends, we’re going to have a new event focused on the X-Men! People might have seen a few characters and art pieces floating around the internet. All I have to say is that what you’ve seen is just the tip of the iceberg! It will involve unexpected characters, or families of characters, from the Marvel Universe. And after that…well, there’s something big coming, and it will shake the foundations of the Contest of Champions!

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