Enroll in ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’

Cap for president! Class president, that is. Enroll into Avengers Academy and team up with Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Falcon, and many more of your favorite Avengers—completely reimagined as young adults—as they navigate life at a university for super heroes in the new mobile game from developer TinyCo!

In this adventure/simulation game, you’ll build the ultimate super hero school that you’ve dreamed of, with training facilities, combat arenas, dormitories, laboratories, classrooms, sports stadiums, and more! When you’re not taking your heroes on missions throughout the Marvel Universe, they’ll be attending classes, joining sports teams, and finding extra-curricular activities to build their skills. Instead of writing essays and taking exams, you’ll be uncovering intergalactic artifacts and building new experimental tech. Once classes are dismissed and mission reports are filed, these young Avengers will still need to navigate the social ups and downs of their college years at the Academy: making friends—and enemies—going on dates, and surviving the struggle of becoming heroes at a young age. Check out the teaser above for a taste of what life’s like for our heroes at the Academy.

What clues could you spot? It seems a certain squirrel fanatic is going to be one of our classmates. And I wonder who could be looking for that lost glove? They did leave a contact number on the flyer…

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Nick Fury is hiding something from his staff, his students, and the entire galaxy. Our students are determined to get to the bottom of whatever he’s keeping locked up, but discovering the truth could alter the course of history for the entire Marvel Universe! Featuring hundreds of characters from across Avengers history with a story penned by comics-industry vet Allen Warner and art design by Marvel cover artist David Nakayama, this super-powered concept of school life will lead you on new and exciting adventures unlike any we’ve seen in the Marvel Universe.

“Marvel Avengers Academy” is currently in development and will launch on the App Store and Google Play in early 2016.