Enigmatic TV Anime “Sarazanmai” Reveals Main Character Designs


A new crew member and the main character designs have been revealed for Sarazanmai, a mysterious original TV anime directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara (Revolutionary Girl UtenaYurikuma Arashi) that is scheduled to begin broadcasting in 2019.



Illustrator MiGiiiiii provides the original character draft for the series. The above illustration depicts two of the main characters for the series, Reo and Mabu, who are dressed as police officers. Although the characters are somewhat masculine in appearance, the names Reo and Mabu as they are written in Kanji are generally women’s names.



Additionally, a spin-off comic entitled Reo to Mabu~Futari wa Sarazanmai~ will begin serialization on May 22, 2018. The series will be published during odd-numbered months in Gentosha Comics’ RuTile magazine, and during even-numbered months on the RuTile Sweet website. The spin-off comic features artwork by MISAKI SAITO.



Sarazanmai features animation production by MAPPA and Lapintrack. Further details about the project have not yet been revealed.




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Official Sarazanmai TV anime home page



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